Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme reveals how he was hit by Banda El Recodo

The famous Mexican regional music singer, Eduin Caz He opened up to the media and revealed everything about his beginnings and what he experienced when he started knocking on doors within the group genre.

the leader and Lead singer of Grupo Firme is one of the most besieged in the world of social networks and each one that appears manages to become the sensation of the moment, since it has a quirky and daring style.

This time was no exception and before his first presentation at the Foro Sol in Mexico City he received all the media with his group, who were in charge of asking them all kinds of questions, in order to gather more information about the group most famous of recent times.

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The owner of the success ‘Thank you’ shared how was batted by the band El Recodo when he made his first steps to sing within La Madre de Todos las Bandas, hence a wave of reactions was unleashed by his audience that is faithful to him.

Eduin Caz said that he sent videos singing three songs when they requested a vocalist, clarifying that it was at the time that Giovanni Mondragón entered, who is one of the most powerful singers that Don Cruz Lizárraga’s band currently has.

At the time, the recording sent by Eduin Caz never had a response from the directors and Poncho Lizarragawho is now in charge of the entire group, since after his father he was left with the baton.

They never spoke to me, but I knew that I wouldn’t stay when I saw that they already had a vocalist, expressed Eduin Caz.

The singer also confessed that at an award ceremony just a few months ago he met Poncho Lizárraga, whom he greeted with confidence and made him the proposal to do something together, since the collaborations nowadays they are what has hit the most in the regional genre.

Eduin confessed that the owner of the Banda El Recodo accepted his proposal and they both presented a song, they agreed and they already chose it, recorded it and it will soon be available for their fans to enjoy.

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The lesson that remains for the leader of the Firm Group is that things happen for a reason, he assures that previously it was not his time and that today it is an honor and pride to be able to record next to a music institutionas is Banda El Recodo.

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