Eduin Caz in the hospital: he is transferred to the emergency room after a concert in Mexico | Famous

According to ‘Venga la alegría’, the emergency occurred after the concert that Firm Group had at the Foro Sol in Mexico City.

Eduin Caz is hospitalized: this is what is known

A short video was published on the Mexican morning paper’s Instagram account where Caz can be seen stretchered while being loaded into an ambulance.

According to information from that show, “he seems fine”. No details had been released on Grupo Firme’s social networks.

It is unknown what caused the vocalist of the successful group to require urgent attention.

At noon this Sunday the 8th, Eduin Caz, 27, posted a message on his Instagram stories to reassure his followers.

I’m fine familyI just grabbed my cell phone. I’ll check in later, just wanted you to know I’m okay. Thank you,” she wrote without elaborating.

Eduin Caz’s second hospitalization in 4 months

On the night of Tuesday, December 28, 2021, Daisy Anahy, wife of Eduin Caz, published a worrying photo of the singer being treated by nurses in a hospital.

“First of all, God, everything will be fine,” he wrote about the image that set off alarms among the interpreter’s fans.

A stroboscopy was performed laryngeal to visualize the vocal cords, finding suggestive data, he was given treatment and, as a medical indication, they performed a gastric endoscopy to rule out injury”.