Eduin Caz reveals how he makes his wife angry when they fight

Once they managed to leave behind all the controversy that arose after the alleged infidelity of Eduin Caz to his wife Daisy Anahy, the famous marriage has been seen happier than ever and continually shows all their love through digital platforms.

However, from time to time the Sinaloan singer and his wife have arguments or fights like any other couple, which they try to solve as soon as possible, but sometimes the regional Mexican exponent prefers to make Anahy much angrier by doing things that upset her.

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It was through his personal account on the Instagram social network, where the leader and vocalist of Firm Group shared a short video that immediately became a trend among Internet users, in which he showed what he does when he is fighting with his wife Daisy Anahy.

In the funny recording, the interpreter of ‘I’m not coming back with you’ showed some of the actions he does at home to drive his wife crazy “just to have fun”, just as the new song that Residente released a few years ago says weeks.

While the chorus of the theme song sounds in the background, the 27-year-old can be seen throwing his dirty clothes to one side of the basket, then drinking water and leaving his dirty glass next to the sink, but what surprised the fans the most was when he made himself a sandwich and left all the ingredients uncovered and on the counter.

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“When I am at war with my wife (And all men) If you look at this I love you my love”, was the message that the popular singer from Culiacán placed in the description of his publication, which managed to attract the attention of a large number of users, since so far it has more than three million views.

As expected, his wife Anahy did not take long to react to the video and left him a message in the publication, where he assured that this is how he actually behaves when they get into a fight: “hahahahaha and it is not a lie, bastard eggn hahahahaha ”.

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