Eduin Caz shared a video on Instagram and fans noticed that he already has a security guard | Famous

No one can doubt that Eduin Caz is in one of his best moments as an artist, since the success of Grupo Firme has led him to be considered one of the greatest exponents of regional music.

However, his new superstar status also requires him to take new security precautions.

This was expressed last April through a live video on his Instagram account. According to him, he has “strict orders” not to come down from his concert stages to spend time with his fans, as it could be dangerous.

More recently, the singer created speculation by showing himself accompanied by who would be his security guard.

Eduin Caz was seen with an armed man

After spending a few days off in the Riviera Maya, he returned to his native Tijuana. Through her Instagram account, she showed that she took advantage of her time in that city to ride in what was her first car.

In his Instagram stories he sent a message to all his fans:

“Family, God bless you all, take good care of me, take good care of me because envy is very badass.”

Behind him, you could see a man with a vest and a long weapon, which can be assumed to be his bodyguard. However, the singer did not comment on this subject.

Eduin Caz had been concerned about his safety

Being one of the most famous stars of the moment, he has not been spared all kinds of speculation and rumours. In her case, Mhoni Vidente predicted in September 2021 that the voice of ‘Ya supérame’ had to take care of “envy, courage, greed” and even an attack.

On the subject, the singer spoke last February in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante:

“I have nothing against them (the clairvoyants), but in reality they give someone who really wants to hurt me, ‘so he already said it, now I’m going to hurt him’, and that’s what that stresses me out.”

Eduin Caz was attacked at a concert weeks ago

In early April, the leader of Grupo Firme had a bad time during his presentation at Arena Payne in Hidalgo, Texas. As he showed on his social networks, a fan gave him a “slap” on the neck while she tried to take a photo with him.

Eduin Caz reacted by putting his hand on top of his fan, but, in a way he couldn’t explain, his thumb ended up bloody.

It was then that he let his Instagram followers know that his team had asked him not to leave the stage for safety reasons.

Eduin Caz had asked his fans not to post photos with him for safety

In September 2021, the leader of Grupo Firme published in his Instagram stories the other side of fame: he could not have breakfast in a restaurant with the rest of the band because his fans had located him.

As he explained, when he is in a public place, “the word spreads very quickly” about his presence and “a lot of people gather and that happens, because I have to go for security… not everyone likes me “.

“If we meet in a restaurant, take a photo and upload it (to networks) and I’m leaving,” he asked his followers.