Eduin Caz’s house is flooded and betrays the culprit VIDEO

the famous singer Edwin Caz he had a bad time after he found his house flooded. Through his social networks, the vocalist of Grupo Firme was in charge of publicizing what happened with a video that he shared with his followers.

This clip was shared on the singer’s official account, and was accompanied by the phrase: ‘It was worth family’. Although he did not detail whether his belongings suffered any damage, if he was in charge of ratting out the culprit of the disasterIt seems that this misfortune was not enough to make him upset because he took things with humor.


‘Family was worth it’ Eduin Caz’s house is flooded and he betrays the culprit VIDEO. Photo: I.G.

The water managed to reach various parts of his house, and this was made known by the vocalist, Eduin Caz, who announced the moment that it was taken with humorHe even took the opportunity to make his followers laugh by imitating the famous SpongeBob phrase that has been heard in recent months.

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“We painted the whole house and without leaving a drop of home: what is that!” Said the interpreter of “I already got over me” with a comical tone.

The video is already circulating on different social networks, and has highlighted the way in which Eduin Caz betrayed the culpritbecause he ended the recording pointing towards the pool, mentioning the words: “I’m going to fill you with dirt”, implying that the pool was what caused his house to flood.

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It should be noted that although a table was perceived, and some details of the singer’s house that were full of water, the vocalist has not yet disclosed whether the damage caused by the flood that would have been caused by your pool They were older, even so the followers have not stopped reacting and sending messages of support to Eduin Caz.

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