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Efrain Aguilar He was asked again about the new season of ‘Al fondo hay sitio’ and about his perception at the end of the ninth season directed by Gigio Aranda. Let’s remember that, in December 2021, Aguilar ruled out the possibility of directing the family series, after the channel announced the return of the popular television program.

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In an interview with Infobae, the famous producer did not hesitate to answer what decisions he would make if he had been part of the ninth season. “I would have looked for the creativity of new characters, to make the characters have the age and the problems of the age that someone has after eight years“, held.

Likewise, Aguilar made it clear that his opinion is based on the affection he has for the series, since he considers that the great work of Aranda: “I am not criticizing Gigio, I reiterate that he is an export scriptwriter”, he assured.

The producer even states that he has had the opportunity to see some chapters: “I watched two or three episodes last year, but sometimes I watch it on YouTube. I like the addition of new characters, some are very good, but I would have liked the actors to have guidance on how to evolve a character. There is an old saying, there is no worse joker than the one who wants to be funny. The situation is what is funny. From my point of view and from what I’ve seen, some actors have that intention, wanting to be funny. I have never liked that”, he concluded.