“Eiza González is prayed to”; netizens venerate her by putting the image of her head for leaving her with pure handsome

A few days ago, a hot rumor started that the Mexican actress, the protagonist of ambulance had an affair with the handsome actor from Aquaman, Jason MomoaSo, immediately, comments and even memes of the privileged and envied love history of the famous 32-year-old began to emerge. “Eiza González is prayed to”, say Internet users and turn her image upside down so that her fortune in love passes them by.

And it is no secret to anyone that, since she came to the United States to start an artistic career in Hollywood, Eiza González has gone out romantically with the most attractive and desired celebrities in the guild, such as Timothee Chalamet, Liam Hemsworth and most recently, allegedly with Jason Momoa.

For this reason, Twitter users did not hesitate to express their admiration and respect, calling her Santa Eiza Gonzalezand putting his head photo, so that he gives them the same luck in love, as San Antonio.

“Santa Eiza González, pray for us”, “Truly Eiza González left here to succeed. I love you, little girl”, “Already put Eiza González on the 500 bills, fucking national pride”, “We should all be taking note, happy teacher’s day to Eiza González for teaching us how it’s done”, were some of the humorous comments .

Although Eiza Gonzalez never airs aspects of her private life, she has already been caught on several occasions with the most handsome men in Hollywood, like on this occasion, the actor from dunes and the successful series game of Thrones, Jason Momoa.

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According to People magazine, according to close sources, while both are working, they have had a great time, although it is still nothing serious, since recently the actor of Aquaman announced his divorce from actress Lisa Bonet. he is recording fast and furious 10and it’s brand new Aquaman: The Lost Kingdomwhile she is working on the series The Three Body Problem.

Definitely, one of the most notorious relationships of Eiza Gonzalezwas the one he had with the American-French actor, Timothee Chalametwith whom he was caught very romantic on Mexican beaches while he was recording the tape dunes, where, by the way, Momoa also appears. Later, they were seen walking together through the streets of Los Angeles, although everything seems to indicate that the relationship did not work out.

Another of the coveted men of entertainment with whom he was seen Eiza Gonzalez Very close, he went to DJ Calvin Harris, with whom he went out on different dates throughout Los Angeles, so it was rumored that they had a relationship.

After his high-profile split with former Black Eyed Peas member Fergie, Eiza Gonzalez had a brief affair with the actor Josh Duhamelwhom he met during one of the parties held after the Super Bowl in 2018. It is said that the couple ended their relationship, as they did not have time to see each other due to their tight commitments.

The handsome Australian actor also had a relationship with the actress from BabyDriver, I Care a Lot Y godzilla vs kong, and they were even seen and photographed together at a Ralph Lauren party. However, the relationship did not last long, and both ended up deleting their photos together on their social networks.

The Lacrosse Player and the Mexican actress Eiza González, had a relationship during 2021, which recently ended in 2022, after how difficult it was to see each other because of their busy schedules. However, everything seems to indicate that they remained good friends, according to the messages of support that Paul continues to dedicate to his ex.

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