Eiza González lets out her charms with a halter top with a large opening

If there is something that is totally clear to us, it is that, in addition to her undeniable talent, the beautiful protagonist of the film ambulance, Eiza Gonzalezenjoy an incredible beauty and great style that falls in love. Proof of this was an image that circulates in networks, in which she lets her charms escape with halter top with large opening.

Eiza Gonzalez proved that talent is not at odds with beauty, and with great grace and subtlety, the actress from the award-winning film BabyDriver wore a very casual outfit and fresh, ideal for summer, with which he maximized his attributes.

It is a simple blouse silver color with a halter neck and a large opening in the center, which reached almost to the navel, showing her charms in all their splendor, while posing with a sweet and tender look upwards, giving the photo a charming touch, which contrasted with her wardrobe .

Eiza Gonzalez She wore her hair long and loose, arranged in soft casual waves, which gave her look ease and freshness, a very light makeup, highlighted only by mascara and subtle eyeliner.

Definitely, the Mexican actress with beginnings in soap operas in this country, such as True loves, dream with me Y lol, once upon a time, has made it clear to the whole world that she is more than just a pretty face and a statuesque body. Proof of this has been her constant staggered success in Hollywood, acting in big productions with big stars.

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His most recent project proves it, in which he acted alongside the Hollywood heartthrob, Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul, under the direction of successful action movie director, Michael Bay.

His tour of the entire world proved that Eiza Gonzalez He was born to succeed and, definitely, filled all Mexicans who have seen his history and his work throughout his artistic career, and his time in films like Godzilla vs Kong, with pride. BabyDriver, I Care a Lot (Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you), Bloodshot, Fast and Furious and many more.

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“I adore her. As a person, I also think that she is very generous and kind. That she supports you. As a human being, she has a lovable spirit. That definitely comes from her Mexican culture, but also from her as an individual,” Jake said in a statement. recent interview.

“I think on the third day on the job I told him, ‘I want to make you better than you’ve ever been.’ Ambulance starts out as the story of these two men, but you soon discover that she [Eiza] It is the heart that beats in the film. The focus changes. You have to show a great acting record. It was great to have her as an actress. She is a fighter, a soldier,” she said for her part, Michael Bay.

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