Eiza, Tiaré and La Chiquis are now blondes

In a peculiar coincidence, Eiza Gonzalez, Tiare Scanda and Chiquis Rivera They have changed their look to become blondes, although in the case of Tiaré it is only through a wig that serves to characterize herself as Rosa in the telenovela ‘La inheritance’.

Eiza has shown off her new appearance during the promotion tour of ‘Ambulance’, the film of Michael Bay in which he plays Cam Thompson, a paramedic who suddenly finds himself in the middle of a police chase stemming from a bank robbery.

The Mexican actress has shared on her social networks what the process of becoming a blonde was like and has joked that she did it because she has heard that blondes have more fun.

In the case of Tiare Scandashe became a blonde with a wig to become Rosa, one of the villains of Juan Osorio’s new telenovela, ‘La inheritance’, which stars Michelle Renaud.

“Rosa is a horrible lady,” said the actress on the program ‘Hoy’.

“She is a classist, pretentious lady, her values ​​are that you are worth what you have and she wants to place her daughters with the rich people of the town.”

Chiquis Rivera made the change of look to show the new in its line of cosmetics. “I had not taught them how we were,” says the daughter of Jenni Rivera in a video in which he shows off his blonde hair.

In addition, he has also shared these days photographs from another time in which he had also arranged himself as a blonde.