El Buki’s documentary tells the chiaroscuro of his story – El Sol de México

“A born musician”, “A genius who has put the name of Mexico very high”, “He belongs to that sector of Gods”, “He is one of the great stars and Mexican legends”… are some of the phrases with which friends and colleagues describe Marco Antonio Solís the bukiin his documentary, which premiered this December 28, on Prime Video.

In only four episodes, there is a brief review of the life of the singer, leader of the group Los Bukis, from the creation of the concept, going through the successes and failures that they have experienced over five decades.

El Buki: The lyrics of my story It is told from the voice of Marco Antonio, as well as his cousin Joel Solís, co-founder of the group; It is complemented by the voices of Marco Antonio’s brothers, as well as his colleagues Armando Manzanero, Marc Anthony, Angélica María, Emilio Estefan, Ana Bárbara, Omar Chaparro, Amanda Miguel, Don Francisco and Fher Olvera, vocalist of Maná, among others. .

Marco Antonio Solís remembers his childhood in Ario de Rosales, Michoacán, he is the fifth in a family of seven siblings.

As a child he discovered his passion for music, thanks in part to his father’s interest in this art.

Marco was in the war band, he also sang in the seminary where he studied and he even revealed that at some point he thought of developing his life within the world of the priesthood.

Throughout the chapters, the Solís cousins ​​recount the obstacles they faced on their way to success. From their trip from Michoacán to Mexico City in search of opportunities, to the jobs they had before being discovered as musicians.

Medicine distributors and bricklayers were the trades in which they worked after appearing on the variety show always on sunday and before releasing his first album.

His path was not easy. They suffered many economic deprivations, they were even victims of abuse of power by some members of the artistic milieu; they also discovered what it was like to be an illegal in the United States.

But while they experienced certain complications, they also received successes such as their first album playing with the starsreleased in 1973, under the Melody label, as well as the popularity of the theme false master”, in 1976.

In the following episodes they also delve into the moments in which the members of the group lost their ground, they allowed themselves to be carried away by excesses; the way in which the interpreter of Your prison he faced alcoholism, as well as the disintegration of the musical concept.

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The documentary comes to the tour that the group organized internationally and started just one day before the composer’s 63rd birthday.

El Buki: The lyrics of my story It features original music by Camilo Lara, Marco Carrión, Víctor Hernández Stumpfhauser, and the direction of Álvaro Curiel de Icaza and Felipe Gómez. It was written by Raúl Macías and produced by Nelly Castañeda, Abel Cruz, and Juana Blaya; while the executive production is carried out by Héctor H. Kron, Joaquín Vodanovich, Alejandro Ortiz Gil and Marco Antonio Solís himself.