El Canelo Álvarez, beaten but singing rancheras with Diego Boneta

Saúl el Canelo Álvarez soon recovered from the defeat against the Russian Dimitry Bivol. And nothing better to get the thorn out of the fight than a ranchera song. Better yet, Canelo was accompanied by his friend Diego Boneta.

The Mexican boxer lost his second fight on Saturday throughout his entire career but as soon as he got out of the ring, he decided to turn the page.

Perhaps that is why, during a post-fight party, Canelo Álvarez began to sing “La mediavuelta”, in Luis Miguel’s version.

Also, who better to accompany him than Diego Boneta, the actor who has been Luis Miguel in the last two years through the bioseries.

In the video published in the Instagram stories of the boxer’s partner, Fernanda Gómez, the duet is seen eagerly interpreting the verses of “La mediavuelta”.

In addition, the boxer addressed the partygoers to give a speech in which he accepted his defeat but said that he wants a rematch and that he is proud to have tried to win a title in a division other than his own.

Fernanda Gómez herself wrote a similar message on her Instagram account:

“So proud of you, of the risks you take to get out of your comfort zone, you are a champion in every sense of the word, we will come back stronger than ever, I love you my world champ!”

I am proud of you today more than ever. Only those who are standing fall, those who have never fallen is because they have probably crawled all their lives.

In the videos shared by Fernanda, the bruises on Canelo Álvarez’s face are noticeable, but none of them seem like a serious injury.