El Cigala mariachi dress pays homage to Mexico – El Sol de México

From the beginning of the recital it was known that it would be a party. A quartet of percussion, double bass and piano was the first accompaniment for Diego El Cigalawhich began with a salsa version of the song Arrepentida, the repertoire of 27 songs which he performed with luxury guests: Los Macorinos, Los Panchos, La Sonora Santanera and the mariachi Gama Mil.

The Tribute to Mexico that the singer performed this Thursday night with his concert at the National Auditorium it was a declaration of love. “Good night Mexico, I love you. Thank you very much for so much love, so much affection. I am happy after two years to return my dear Mexico,” said the interpreter when greeting the public that occupied almost the entire capacity of the venue.

Dressed in a blue suit and white shirt, he wore five rings, three on the left and two on the right hand, which stood out for their shine, as did the thick chain around his neck and the gold bracelet and watch on his wrists.

The palms, sharp nails to rip the guitar and half-voiced phrases including words like “tell him!”, “water!”, “I love you”, “long live God”, left flamenco free, although tonight it was for a “chido” country.

This is how he responded to the cry “Diego, Mexico loves you”, which was heard among the public. “And I love Mexico with all my heart, for so many beautiful nights, so many unknown heroes and for being a very cool country.”

His interpretation of black tears received the first of many standing ovations of the night. He changed the chorus for the phrase “I’m going gypsy with you” and it was a very well received wink.

To the rhythm of the theme In what way I forget you, the mariachi Gama Mil, with whom he performed I am the forbidden, We are boyfriends, The cat in the rain (who also changed the chorus to “I am that cat in the rain”) and I forgot again.

Then Los Macorinos entered the stage, whom The Cigala He introduced himself as his friends, with whom he has had fun ever since they met. With the Mexican duet of guitars She sang La MediaTurnaround and La Llorona.

A moment alone with him piano and the voice that from time to time refreshed by sipping the glass in which ice cubes tinkled, framed his interpretation of I love you, I love you and Concave and convex, which he dedicated to the composer Martín Urieta, who was in the audience.

“I am grateful to receive this divinity who has accompanied generations with his genius and unique voices that will exist as long as his body overshadows them,” he said when presenting the Trio Los Panchos to sing Si tú me dices ven, and Historia de un amor.

His next guests were the musicians from La Sonora Santanera with whom he sang Perfidia and Dos gardenias.

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He continued with Unforgettable, 20 years old, Crazy Heart and El Mouse, with his group, who had a moment of brilliance before the return of the mariachi to close the concert.

While the Quartet played, The Cigala He left the stage to which he returned dressed as a charro, with a black and gold suit.

Next to mariachi closed the recital with Let’s go, I adore, The ship of oblivion, The king, Like someone who loses a star and a tap dance to the rhythm of some chords from El son de la negra, screaming at the top of his lungs “Hurray Mexico!”.