El Cuco shares the secret of his “eternal youth” | shows

At 66, the singer Tony Rosario ensures that it maintains unchanged the energy and artistic vitality that have characterized its proposal since its inception more than three decades ago.

The Dominican artist shared what he considers to be the secrets of his “eternal youth”, always to the rhythm of merengue.

“What helps me stay that way is my discipline, my diet and my good music. I take too much care of my voice. You know that there are many artists who don’t take much care of themselves, but I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, to keep my voice always active”, Rosario detailed.

Also, try to complement your lifestyle with an exercise routine.

Puerto Rico will be able to witness how “El Cuco” remains active, on his return to local stages, next May 7, when he performs in concert at the Coca-Cola Music Hall. The evening will serve to review his best-known songs —such as La Última Copa, Machúcalo, Estúpida and Kulikitaka, among others— and “do everything that my people in Puerto Rico like”. Rosario did not confirm if the show will have musical guests.

A valid sound

In addition to the healthy lifestyle, the artist makes sure to stay current on a musical level.

“I keep innovating, working and looking at what the new generation likes. I’m getting in there. Right now I’m recording with all kinds of artists and the truth is that I’m happy. I have recorded with reggaeton players, merengue players, bachateros, salseros. That is what keeps me active ”, he abounded to THE SPOKESPERSON.

His most recent collaboration was with El Panda 15, an urban artist from the Dominican Republic. He indicated that these collaborations will be embodied in the new record production that he will launch on the market in the coming months.

In fact, this new musical project includes meetings with Puerto Rican artists, of whom he did not reveal names, but he anticipated that there will be a merengue player “well loved by all.”

He also announced that a single he recorded with N’Klabe will soon be released.

Tickets for Toño Rosario’s concert in Puerto Rico are available at Ticketera.

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