El Trucha premiered “Me Voy”, a song that describes how difficult it is to end a relationship Music Farándula RMMN | PEOPLE

After almost a year in silence, composing and rediscovering his roots, the Peruvian urban artist, the trout, has just published “Me Voy”, a song that opens its 2022 with a lot of energy. Unlike his repertoire, this production marks a before and after, since it bets on a sound closer to Hip Hop, the genre that saw it born.

“To date, this is the most important bet of my career”says El Trucha. “The idea was born based on the fact that many of us have given that extra opportunity to a person and that they did not know how to take advantage of it. I am sure that many people will feel identified not only with the music, but also with the lyrics”.

“Me Voy” is accompanied by a very long video clip in which El Trucha (César Ruiz) guides his career to another level of production. Benjamín Llosa, Alejandro Brush and his production company Filmo participated in its production. Also participating in the production were Martín Adan (iPro), Daniel Alcalá (Black Daniels), Nicole Soto (Amé Libre), Favio Petrozzi, Sebáhstian Ruiz Villa (Fastest Hands), an expert in content creation, and Liam Yompian aka Liam Yong (The Only One) music producer, under the label of The New Era Records located in Miami.

“I am happy with everything that is being generated in relation to my career. In any case, the reactivation is helping a lot, since it is a different feeling for an artist. Standing on stage singing is something unique.”adds the also composer of ‘No Love’.


After “Me Voy”, El Trucha has already put together a calendar with different songs that he will publish throughout this year and the next. “The next hit will be a sadder song and, in the same way, I am sure that people will empathize with the lyrics and the rhythm. Also, for Halloween I come with a project of 5 or 6 songs that will be 100% toneable. As for 2023, we are preparing much more music, summer is coming with everything”, he concludes.


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