Eleazar Gómez is left without a tribute for having beaten Tefi Valenzuela

Mexico.- eleazar gomez was going to be recognized for his acting career at an event to be held in Star Gallery Squarebut at the last moment they left him out of his own tribute for having been a violent man.

The 35-year-old actor became a scandal in early November 2020 when he was arrested for hitting his then-girlfriend, the model Tefi Valenzuelaof whom images of the attacks circulated.

And despite the fact that he apologized to the Peruvian and reached an agreement with her by paying her 420 thousand pesos to repair the damage, her career failed to take off due to this attack.

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Eleazar Gómez was accused of assault by his ex-girlfriend Tefi Valenzuela./ Photo: Instagram

The images of Tefi Valenzuela beaten went around on social networks./ Photo: Special

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Eleazar Gómez offers an apology again

After the cancellation of the event in which Eleazar Gómez was going to receive the “Luminary Award”the actor came out to apologize again to his fans for his past acts.

“Last Friday, March 18, I was going to present myself at Plaza Galería de las Estrellas. Days before, I received an invitation from the organizers of the place to give me recognition for my artistic career, which I gladly accepted,” he said in a press release.

“Just the same day, a few hours after the event, I received the news that the event was cancelled. The Plaza’s statement said it was in favor of rights and non-violence against women,” continued Eleazar.

The ex-boyfriend of the singer Danna Paola He assured that he still takes psychological therapy to become a better person.

“With all sincerity, humanity and with my heart in my hand, I once again apologize to those who have been offended by everything that was triggered. I’m still in therapy and I try to be a better human being every day,” said the artist.

Eleazar Gómez’s last role on Televia was in the telenovela “La mexicana y el güero”./ Photo: Google

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Although he accepted that the organizers are within their rights to have removed him from the event, he regrets that other contracted artists, as well as staff personnel, have been left without this work.

“I agree with the decisions and opinions of other people, but in the case of the Plaza’s decision to cancel the event and my participation, it affected many people, hired dancers and musicians, and fans who had already moved to the place to support,” he said.

“Today I want to be a better person, mainly for myself and for my loved ones,” the actor concluded.

Apparently the organizers of the event were pressured by social networks, where several Internet users commented that how was it possible that an aggressor of women was going to be rewarded.

The press release published by Eleazar Gómez on his social networks./ Photo: Instagram

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