Eleazar Gómez recounts his complicated experience in prison

After being imprisoned in the Reclusorio Norte in Mexico City for several months, eleazar gomez He opened his heart and for the first time spoke about the complicated experience he lived through when the authorities declared him guilty of the domestic violence crime against his ex-girlfriend Tefi Valenzuela.

More than a year after his release from prison, the famous 35-year-old actor decided to break the silence and in an exclusive interview for Ventaneando, he commented on how he managed to overcome the difficult moments that he had to endure since he was imprisoned on November 6, 2020.

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“I couldn’t tell you that it wasn’t complicated, I become low, but a person always has to get ahead, beyond. There are always complications in life, but thanks to the love and support of my family, it has not been impossible to pass”, he explained into the camera lens.

Although being in jail was a hard blow in his life, the younger brother of Zoraida Gomezassured that he has changed a lot thanks to what he lived through, and explained that the therapies have helped him to be a better version of himselfsince they have led him to walk more fruitful paths in his life.

“An experience of this nature, (not only changes) me but any human being, of course there is a change and in me there is a change, I’m still taking my therapieswhich make me feel very grateful, make you grow as a person, guide you along positive paths”, said the protagonist of ‘Dare to dream’.

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life goes on forever, it cannot wait for you to be good or bad, it will continue, “said the also singer and stressed:” I am the same. The essence of a person I think is always the same, but life is so beautiful and so beautiful that it gives us the opportunity to be able to reinvent ourselves, to be able to start again and I think that is also the beauty of life. I consider myself a better Eleazar with each passing day”.

In addition, he assured that since then he has been “very calm, passing a stage of my life, speaking with the heart of the hand, of a lot of inner peace and throwing many, of course. But as I always say ‘a person always has to get ahead beyond any negative or positive circumstance”.

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