Eleazar Gómez shows off a very expensive watch… but it’s a pirate and it doesn’t even work!

Eleazar Gómez showed off his jewel, although we realize that it is apocryphal and, above all, not even the time gave

At the press conference where eleazar gomez presented his new single, BBsame, and announced that he would resume his acting career with the monologue The Tree of Life, we noticed that he was wearing a watch, apparently from the Rolex brand, and that at first glance one might think that it is a Datejust model, one of the most recognized of the Swiss firm and whose value ranges from 300 thousand to more than 600 thousand pesos. However, after thoroughly analyzing the piece and taking a closer look at it, we realized that the watch is apocryphal, since it is not gold; there is cracking and a black coloratura on the fluted bezel (the part that surrounds the sphere), in addition, on the part of the bracelet there is a discoloration that reveals green tones, which makes it clear that it is not gold, since that this precious metal does not blacken or change color.

YOUR WATCH DOES NOT APPEAR ON THE OFFICIAL PAGE OF THE SWEDISH SIGNATURE In addition, on the official Rolex website there is no model that corresponds to the one he brings, the closest is the Datejust 41, but it does not come completely in yellow gold, but in steel and yellow gold; the one that coincides with being completely in yellow gold is the Lady-Datejust, which is for women, but it is not 41 mm, but 28 mm; in both cases, the dials (or faces) do not entirely match that of Eleazar’s clock. It is worth mentioning that the number of Rolex faces is finite, and among all those found on the official page, there is none that matches the artist’s watch.

So, by all accounts, Eleazar’s watch is not a real Rolex. But the matter did not stop there; Throughout the entire conference, which began after 6 in the afternoon, we noticed that the clock always marked the same time, 16 minutes before 11, the second hand did not even move, so we realized that The clock didn’t work either. Eleazar only used it to give the feint to everyone present that he was wearing a luxury watch.

And how is Eleazar?

He himself said that resuming his career has been a difficult process: “Of course it affects me and sometimes I feel sadness, for those moments when my image may be affected in some way by what they keep saying. , but I believe that things always fall into place at the right time; we always have to keep going, because we are warriors and we have to keep going, no matter what happens, giving it our all.”

In addition, he commented that he continues in psychological therapy: “We continue with the therapies and very well; I think it’s good for everyone to take them, I think they help us grow, and also train you to rethink many ideas in life, so I’m very well, very calm (…) I don’t think anyone is exempt from experiencing something like this, but I am in a new stage, I am grateful to all the people who have always believed in me; I feel blessed, because I did not expect a good reception for my work, and it has been quite the opposite, so I can only continue working on being a better person and sharing the best of me with people”.