Electricity: the regulated tariff explodes by 15% in France, 20 million French people concerned

electricity has become way too expensive for low-income families. The tariff shield protected us, but not enough and it did not prevented the last 15% increase since February 1, 2023. This increase concerns 20 million families and arrives a month after that of gas.

15% increase in electricity tariffs for 20 million families

The prices have started to flare up in 2021, after the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Energy prices have skyrocketed and this has never happened in Europe’s history. Several states have implemented a tariff shield, such as France, to limit damage. But, that did not prevent increases. This year, the French will have to endure a 15% higher bill and this until June 30 minimum.

A dramatic situation for some individuals

A news that worries and does not please! So some people have to make drastic decisions. Jeanne is a 76-year-old retiree who lives in the Var hinterland. She’s not going anymore turn on your auxiliary electric heater : “ It’s too expensive. I’m afraid of having a bad surprise on my bill at the end of the year“.

And that’s not all ! The owner who benefits of the minimum old age operate your heat pump only two days a weekto remove humidity from the house ” and she combine the sweaters “to hold on“.

At the end of December, Emmanuelle Wargon, the president of the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), nevertheless recalled that the tariff shield protected us. Indeed, without the latter, the electricity would have had to be reassessed by 99.22% including tax, according to the CRE scale. For information, it is set according to the cost of supplying electricity on the wholesale markets. Alas, the shield is no longer enough for many of us.

Small professionals are also affected

So, from this Wednesday, February 1, electricity bills in France will go up for 20.54 million families and 1.45 million small professionals. Without forgetting the island of beauty and the Overseas Territories. Catherine Richard resides in the corners of Verdun. She made the decision toincrease the price of his nights for his lodging. So the night passes from 120 to 170 euros until the end of winter: ” We’d rather have no one than fill the oil tank“, she explained to the AFP teams.

“The new prices will be reflected in the invoice each month”highlighted EDF at AFP. Some customers prefer to keep the same monthly invoices and settle an adjustment at the end of the year. “Because the share of transport and housing expenditure is a little higher in their consumption basket, households with the lowest incomes are more strongly affected by the rise in energy prices”informed INSEE.

Electricity prices had been frozen in France since February 1, 2022. At that time, they had climbed of 4%, still with the support of the ” tariff shield which dates from October 2021. In sum, this therefore represents an overall increase of 19.6% since the end of 2021. government has put on the table 46 billion euross for electricity and gas… To be continued…

Source- https://www.objeko.com/actualite/electricite-le-tarif-reglemente-explose-de-15-en-france-20-millions-de-francais-concernes/