Elianis Garrido confessed to having seen her guardian angel

There are few times that Elianis Garrido has decided to remember the episode that split his life in two: the expulsion from the home studio of Protagonistas de Nuestra Tele in 2012. On that occasion he committed an attack against the participant Óscar Naranjo. As few times, she spoke with Diva Rebeca on her YouTube channel and explained what happened and even recounted some similar episodes that led her to an emotional abyss.

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Garrido assured that “People believed that my problem with Óscar was due to his sexual orientation and that was the least important thing. Among the defects that I have, which are many, is not being homophobic or transphobic. I am a trans”. He added that he would have saved himself from depression, sadness and later problems if it hadn’t turned out that way.

And it is not the only time that the famous presenter has had to face life’s hard blows. In this interview, she recalled that at the age of 19 she was going through a severe crisis, so much so that she had a paranormal encounter.

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“It was a murderous depression, who knows if the misuse of antidepressant pills or the misuse of liquor in my daily life or suddenly it was a hallucination. I was at home alone and cooking and a blond boy appeared to me, I deprived myself. The boy told me not to cry anymore”, Elianis said of that incident that he no longer remembers because of the shock he passed out and split his head.

According to Garrido, in her spiritual search and to help herself in managing her emotions, she understood that this blond boy was her guardian angel, desperate to see her like this. But that was not the only time she had encounters of this type. “Then living here in Bogotá in an apartment on 57th and 9th, they were touching my chest and face. He woke up with scratches on his neck. I was very scared. Then I understood that many things are a reflection of the fear that you have, “concluded the presenter.

In this fun talk, Elianis reflected on what he has had to live through and assured that the storm has been mental, he has had internal struggles that sometimes he could not identify where they came from. And they ended up externalizing themselves in love and professional failures.

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