Elie Semoun is ready to forgive Dieudonné and return to the stage with him, but on one and only condition

Elie Semoun-Dieudonne. A great comedy duo could well be making a comeback. Presented this Saturday, June 11 by Eric Dussart and Jade, the program “On refait la télé” by RTL invited comedian Elie Semoun. Who discussed his relationship with Dieudonné.

Cult duo of the 90s and longtime friends, Elie Semoun and Dieudonné have shared the stage for years, using their differences to make fun of the various discriminatory and racist discourses. Following Dieudonné’s numerous condemnations (“defamation, incitement to discrimination, hatred or racial or religious violence, insult, apology for terrorism, negationism”), the two comedians have definitively ceased to represent themselves together on stage. . Asked about his current relationship with Dieudonné, Elie Semoun indicates that he has remained in contact with the latter, whom he still considers a friend. However, is the return of the duo on stage possible?

In regular contact with his friend, Elie Semoun indicates that the subject often comes up on the table and makes it clear that a joint passage on stage could be possible if Dieudonné reconsiders his remarks and what prompted him to act this way, while knowing also how hard it would be for his friend to accept his faults: “One day, if he makes his mea culpa, he explains to us why he deviated like that, why not. It would be a sign of brotherhood. (…) I know he is a mixture of pride, he is stubborn… So it is difficult for him to admit that he has made mistakes, all his life he has been like that. Despite everything, Elie Semoun does not hide from underlining what this return implies, and what it would bring: “Artistically it would be extraordinary, it would be brilliant (…) But it has to go through a kind of redemption, to ‘explanation.”

While waiting for a possible artistic reconciliation, Elie Semoun will star in the film Ducobu President!in theaters July 13.


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