Elise Lucet and this bad meeting with a man on set

Elise Lucet returned to a particularly striking filming memory, in which she had been brutalized by her interlocutor. According to her, he felt “attacked” by his presence, as well as that of his team. Fortunately, more fear than harm.

A big ladle of insistence, a good handful of courage and perseverance and a touch of impertinence, here is the recipe for a Cash Investigation succeeded. To obtain answers to her questions, the journalist from France 2 Elise Lucet is known to be very direct. If the recipe has allowed her to become a recognized investigator and produce powerful programs, this mixture of ingredients can nevertheless, sometimes, put her in danger. In a new issue of C media on France 5, the presenter returned to a particularly significant episode of her career.

The missing interview of a “reinforced concrete” investigation: a man attacks Elise Lucet

While investigated in 2018 the undergarments of luxuryand more particularly leather goods, she tells Mélanie Taravant, who was interested in investigative journalism, having been brutalized by Gustavo Gonzalez-Quijano, general secretary of Cotance, European leather lobby. “We had a reinforced concrete investigation. We’ve been trying to interview him for months., says Elise Lucet. Faced with her numerous refusals, the journalist and her team nevertheless went to her premises to try to speak to her. “We arrive in a fairly impersonal building, we didn’t think there was a big union that was in this building. We were wandering through the corridors and suddenly, we arrived in front of this door, there was the logo, we weren’t sure it was there”. Everything then happens very quickly.

“A look that is a little scary”: traumatic memory for Elise Lucet

The toque investigator and Gustavo Gonzalez-Quijano himself opens the door. Elise Lucet then undertakes to introduce herself, before the man, despite everything smiling in front of the camera posted behind the journalist, grab her by the shoulder and try to force her into the room. “He’s trying to lure me inside to lock me up with him”recalls Elise Lucet. “Because I think he felt attacked”she analyzes, referring to “a look that is a little scary”.

His cameraman succeeds in extremis to catch up with her. “Attention sir, gently, gently”launches Élise Lucet at the same time. No violence please, we are not violent. You almost knocked down my cameraman, she adds in the filmed extract. “No, you almost knocked me down“, corrects his interlocutor who then applies to remain silent. According to the former presenter of 13H of France 2, the growing notoriety of his program makes it more and more difficult to interview interlocutors, suspicious as to the nature their questions and the impact the investigation may have on them.

Source- https://www.journaldesfemmes.fr/people/actus/2883455-elise-lucet-tournage-agression-cash-investigation/