Elise Lucet replaces Samuel Etienne in Question for a champion, the public surprised

This Tuesday, June 7, Elise Lucet presented a new issue of Cash investigation. To introduce the investigation of its last issue, Elice Lucet decided to go to the set of Questions for a champion, to ask a few questions on the subject. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Elise Lucet on the set of Questions for a champion

Élise Lucet soon at the helm of Questions for a champion ? No. Well almost. In reality, the journalist shot a sequence of her show, on the set of the famous game. As a reminder, the subject was devoted to the common European agricultural policy. Thus, equipped with the famous sheets of Samuel Etienne, she asked a few questions to four candidates. Candidates who were none other than the journalists of the team of Cash Investigation.

The first question concerned the CAP. Thus, Elise Lucet asked: “Who is the first metropolitan beneficiary of the CAP?“. ” A farmer who produces grain?“, tried one of the candidates. ” A breeder ?“, proposed the second, without success. It was the third candidate who had the correct answer:It’s Cerafel“. The journalist, very credible in her role as a game show host, therefore congratulated the young man: “And yes, congratulations Grégoire, hats off!“.

The same audience as Questions for a champion

Élise Lucet gives him the point before explaining things. Highlighting in particular the 19 million euros they were able to receive:“It is the largest fruit and vegetable cooperative in France. You are probably familiar with the Prince de Bretagne cauliflower brand. Well it’s them, it’s Cerafel. It is therefore the big winner of the CAP. In 2019, imagine, they received more than 19 million euros“.

A second, then a third question was put to the four journalists. One was about a brand of champagne. The other, on the Regional Council of Guadeloupe. After the three questions, Cash Investigation then resumed its broadcast. In terms of audiences, Elise Lucet was able to attract 1.97 million viewers, or 9.6% of the audience share. A score close to the scores of Questions for a champion. The circle is complete. Is not it ?

Matthieu Delormeau knocks out Elise Lucet in TPMP

This Wednesday, June 8, Cyril Hanouna and the columnists of TPMP returned to this famous sequence. And the least we can say is that it did not seduce Matthieu Delormeau at all. Indeed, the presenter of TPMP People, believes that Elice Lucet took the melon: “There’s a little bit of sourness, and now that it’s working for her, she’s had a melon that’s impossible. But it is not she who must put herself forward, that is the subject. She discredits everything while this show is good for once“. This has the merit of being cash. And you what do you think ? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments.

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