Elizabeth Álvarez confesses why her children “can’t” see her on television or in soap operas | Famous

Elizabeth Alvarez She is one of the most recognized actresses in recent decades with works such as Sortilege or Fire in the blood.

But while the public recognizes her as one of the most emblematic faces of soap operas, her children have no idea that she is a star of the small screen. And it is that her twins do not even see her on television.

Elizabeth Álvarez reveals the reason why her children cannot see her on television

the star of Wild Heart She was surprised to mention that her children do not see her on the small screen and that, in fact, they do not see her on soap operas either.

My kids don’t see me on TVmy children see me at home, in the park, doing mom’s things like all moms,” she said last Thursday, March 24, before the media in Mexico at the presentation of “La inheritance.”

Jorge Salinas’s wife clarified that her two offspring know that her work is as an actress, leaving aside the fame that this may bring.

“They know I go to work and come back. Mom has to work and comes back,” he said.

She made clear the reason why they neither see her on television nor melodramas like the ones she usually works on.

“My children are very small, obviously they can’t watch television and soap operas either“, revealed.

It is not the first time that the native of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, gives details about the environment in which she and Jorge Salinas raise their children.

In August 2011, she revealed on ‘Montse & Joe’ that the children they don’t buy them toys because they must “collect money and earn things”.

After returning to novels by Elizabeth Álvarez, Jorge Salinas enters the remove with his children

Now that the actress has returned to the forums, she and her husband have adapted their schedules so as not to leave their children alone, much less neglect parenting.

“You do not know what a good team we have been makinga super dumbbell and a family together and a great team that supports us to be able to achieve it,” he said.

In ‘The inheritance’, Elizabeth Álvarez will be recording for three months from Monday to Friday. Thus, for example, in the mornings she takes the twins to school, while Jorge Salinas picks them up.

“We’ve been organizing”shared the 44-year-old artist, “we try to be there all the time, we don’t leave our children.”