Elizabeth Cáder celebrates 3 million followers on Tiktok

The gorgeous Santaneca has achieved a lot of popularity on social networks after her participation in the Turkish reality show “El poder del amor” in 2021, where she met her current partner

The former representative of El Salvador in beauty pageants continues to sweep since her face came to light after participating in the Reinado de El Salvador 2015 pageant.

After ranking in the Top 15 of Miss International 2016 in Japan and winning the award for the best body in the Top of The World 2016, her popularity skyrocketed after her stint on the Turkish reality show “The Power of Love” in 2021. .

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And it is that in said television program he not only found love with the Ecuadorian artist Diego Armando Álvarez Parra, better known as Don Day.

She also managed to open doors in the world of entertainment in Ecuador, where the statuesque Santaneca was part of the dance program “Soy el mejor”.

Since he agreed to lock himself in the famous house in Istanbul, Cáder managed to capture the interest of Internet users on social networks, where he is very popular.

Eli recently celebrated 3 million followers on his TikTok account, where he shares details of his family life, his relationship with Don Day, and his sensual choreography.

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The former beauty queen also shared in her Insta Stories a couple of congratulations from her followers who are celebrating this new record.

In the snapshot account, the model also has more than 860,000 followers and the account continues to grow.

The most recent posts on her IG account for the beautiful Christmas she enjoyed with her little Liahna and Don Day outside the Salvadoran borders. Congratulations Eli!