Elizabeth II appears by surprise to inaugurate the London Underground line with her name

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM.- Isabel II appeared by surprise on Tuesday at the inauguration of a line of london underground that bears his name, a new public appearance despite his mobility problems before the celebrations for his 70 years of reign.

Dressed in a yellow suit and a matching hat, the queen, 96, appeared smiling and leaning on a cane, along with her youngest son, Eduardo, during the visit to the paddington tube stationin West London.

The inauguration of the Elizabethan linewhich will link the eastern and western suburbs of the capital from May 24It is the monarch’s first official appearance outside the Windsor area, where she lives, since a March 29 mass for her late husband, Prince Philip, at Westminster Abbey.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who also participated in the event, declared himself “incredibly moved” by their presence.

The public appearances of Isabel II they have been scarce since she suffered health problems in October, which led her to spend a night hospitalized to undergo medical “tests” whose nature was never specified.

Increasingly replaced by other members of the royal family, she was to be represented by Edward in the inauguration on Tuesday. So his presence is “happy news,” a Buckingham Palace spokesman stressed.

On Sunday night, the monarch had attended a horse show in Windsor, the first major event of her “platinum jubilee”grand celebrations planned across the country to commemorate his seven decades on the throne.

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Two days earlier, he had attended a prestigious equestrian competition in the same city, located about 40 km west of London, in which several of his horses were competing.

These appearances seem to seek reassurance about the monarch’s health and the fact that she will be able to attend the jubilee celebrations scheduled for early June despite her mobility problems.

In recent months, he has canceled several major events, including the opening of the new parliamentary session, which he missed for the first time in 59 years.

Also for the first time it was replaced by Prince Charles, his 73 year old heiran important step in the progressive transition of monarchical functions due to his health problems.

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