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Some memory? The life of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom It is full of unforgettable anecdotes and moments worth highlighting. She has not only been a monarch for 70 years, but each of her acts have a special meaning, as well as the objects that she keeps in the Buckingham Palace office. This is the story of the mysterious red boxes of the mother of Charles of Wales, the meaning of it and why no one can access it.

TRIVIA | How much do you know about Queen Elizabeth II?

In early February, Her Majesty celebrated seven decades on the throne, surpassing Queen Victoria as Britain’s longest-serving sovereign. It was through the official account of the British royal family on Instagram (@theroyalfamily), that the royal house published an image showing him with one of his famous boxes and a brooch of two ivy leaves with diamonds that was a gift from the Queen Mother when her daughter turned 21 and was still a princess. Since then, more than one has wondered what they contain.

The mystery of the red boxes of Elizabeth II

This is not the first time that the grandmother of William of Cambridge and Henry of Sussex next to their red boxes. For example, in 1959 she was photographed at his desk in Buckingham Palace; in 1972 she shone in his studio at Balmoral; In 1977 she was seen surrounded by important roles in an environment of Windsor Castle and the other image belongs to 2015, during a hearing in Buckingham and was taken by the photographer Mary McCartney, daughter of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney.

On Instagram they detailed that in “for the last 70 years, the queen has received daily papers from her private secretaries, in person or via a red delivery box”.

As explained Helloquoting official sources from the British royal house, these “they contain documents updating Her Majesty on events in Parliament, as well as Overseas and Commonwalth business, and state documents requiring her signature and royal assent.”

Who is Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom?

Lilibet, was the nickname given by King George VI of the United Kingdom to his first daughter, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Prepared by the best tutors in England at her time, Elizabeth stood out for her studies in constitutional history, law and literature, training for the role she would assume at the age of 25, which made her the current leading figure of the United Kingdom and 54 other nations before the world.

The queen has witnessed events that have marked history. During World War II, Elizabeth II entered the British Army as a lieutenant, becoming the first member of the royal family to join the armed forces full time. The monarch has seen 14 UK prime ministers pass by, being served by figures such as Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

On February 6, 2022, it was 70 years since his accession to the throne in 1952.


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Queen Elizabeth II holds to date the second longest reign in history.