Elizabeth II: the queen markets her own dishwashing liquid

A dishwashing detergent made from natural products is now on sale at the gift shop in Sandringham, the residence of the British royal family.

The perfume of the royal derivative product is baptized “coastal walks” (literally “walks on the coast”). “Inspired by a shared passion for caring for the environment, we have collaborated with Norfolk Natural Living to produce our dishwashing liquid just 10 miles from the Sandringham property, using the finest plant-based products,” it says. the label.

Unless “a single drop is enough”, as boasted another famous brand, washing your dishes with it will rather be reserved for the big days, since the 50cl bottle is still sold for almost 18 euros…

Would the Queen be passionate about household chores? Vanity Fair reports that former Buckingham butler Paul Burrell told The Secret podcast in 2020 that Elizabeth II used to wash cutlery after her picnics at Balmoral.

Note that this is not the first time that the property of Sandringham has collaborated with the brand of natural products Norfolk Natural Living, recalls the Daily Mail. The monarch, passionate about Corgis, recently also created a cologne for dogs, also with the scents of “walking on the coast”.

Source- https://www.cnews.fr/people/2022-03-23/la-reine-elizabeth-ii-vend-son-propre-liquide-vaisselle18-euros-1196055