Elizabeth II: The Queen of England celebrates her 96th birthday today

Queen Elizabeth II’s 96th birthday should not go unnoticed. This, despite the fact that she has largely retired from the media scene. The sovereign had indeed asked that this event be celebrated in a private setting, far from the media. She had therefore decided to retire to the royal estate of Sandringham. A 200 kilometer trip to the north of England that she made by helicopter. A source close to Buckingham Palace had notably declared that the queen would take advantage of this getaway to spend a few days at Wood Farm. It is a house located far from the luxury of the crown that Prince Philip was particularly fond of.

Elizabeth II wants to celebrate her birthday discreetly

In any case, we understand what motivated Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate her 96and birthday away from the media. The sovereign had indeed been the subject of several health problems in recent months. As if that weren’t enough, accusations of sexually assaulting her son Andrew continue to plague the royal family. She therefore thought that discretion was in order on this very special day which precedes the celebration of the 70th anniversary of her coronation on June 2.

Despite his illness, Elizabeth II had made a point of making a public appearance during a religious ceremony intended to pay tribute to prince Phillip on April 9, 2021. She had since been relatively discreet, avoiding the gaze of the press.

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