Elizabeth II: this cute sin that could have caused a diplomatic incident

With almost 70 years of reign, the Queen of England Elizabeth II has visited France many times, whether officially or unofficially. His last state visit in 2014 nearly caused a diplomatic incident. The cause ? A cute sin of the queen.

She came to France many times, including 5 times during state visits with her husband Prince Philip. Each time, one of Queen Elizabeth II’s indulgences, foie gras, was on the menu. However, during his last official visit, in 2014, on the occasion of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings, this typically French dish was missed. create a diplomatic incidentrecount Point. Before her arrival, the queen’s dietary restrictions had been sent out and foie gras appeared there for the first time. His son, Prince Charles, having banished him from his royal residences, many believe that this is the reason for this prohibition. Only, the chef of the Élysée, Guillaume Gomez, had provided for it in his menu. He then decides to talk about it to his English counterpart who confirms his Majesty’s appetite for foie gras.

A choice that could have created a diplomatic incident

After the confirmation of the head of the royal court, François Hollande, then President of the Republic, proposed that the queen chooses the menuas Guillaume Gomez recounts in Point. ” This is the first and only time that a head of state received at the Élysée has enjoyed this privilege, in total contradiction with protocol. “Elizabeth II does not need to be asked and obviously chooses the duck foie gras, which will be served with Sauternes jelly and truffle aspic. The set will go well with a Chateau Yquem 1997. Across the Channel, the scandal broke out. The French Embassy then chose, for defuse controversyto reveal that it is a choice of the queen.

Prohibited production of foie gras UK

If the production of foie gras is prohibited in the United Kingdom, its importation, it is not. However, despite her “love” for this product, the queen consumes little or nothing on her land. I have to say that Prince Charles banished him from royal residences. A fervent environmentalist since the 1970s, the consumption of this dish goes against his convictions. This meal at the Élysée and the choice of the queen would have greatly displeased him at the time.

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