Elizabeth Loaiza challenged the censorship of Instagram with a spicy photo

Elizabeth Loaiza is remembered as one of the most beautiful beauty queens that has represented the country when she won the Miss World Colombia contest in 2006 as Miss Valle del Cauca.

Her physical attractiveness and talent in front of the cameras have led her to stand out from a very young age in show business. In fact, at the age of 17 she was chosen as the official image of the Cali Exposhow fashion event.

During her career, Loaiza has also posed for the cover of well-known magazines and even notebooks, but her participation in the programs Challenge 2013: Africa, the origin Y Challenge 2014: Moroccowere the ones that helped her gain much more recognition to the point of being considered today as one of the most media celebrities of the moment.

Elizabeth Loaiza boasted her attributes in the foreground and left several heartbroken
Elizabeth Loaiza – Photo: Instagram @elizabethloaiza

Surely many also remember her because she was a candidate for the Bogotá Council, although it did not go very well because the party that supported her, which included Clara López, did not manage to obtain the necessary votes.

Like other public figures such as Lina Tejeiro, Jéssica Cediel and Yina Calderón, many Internet users have also witnessed the storm that the woman from Cali has experienced due to her fight with the biopolymers that were injected into her buttocks several years ago.

Elizabeth Loaiza goes through a hard family moment
Elizabeth Loaiza lived a hard time due to biopolymers – Photo: Instagram: Elizabeth Loaiza

In addition, she managed to fight a difficult battle against uterine cancer, which she remembers with gratitude and pride on her social networks with photos taken during the process. “I had cancer! I took it (the photograph) sitting in front of the toilet, devastated, not knowing what was going to happen to my life. That day my daughter had just cut my hair, I thought she was going to make me bald and that was the least important thing to me at that moment. What’s more, I wanted to be bald at once and get out of it, ”she noted in one of her posts.

In the last few hours The model raised the temperature in networks by appearing scantily clad, once again showing her most sensual facet and daring as she posed in front of the camera lens, barely covering what was necessary with jewelery nipple covers and veiled lace stockings.

“Mom, wife, daughter, friend, businesswoman… I could keep putting on the titles that people put on one, but I put on one that is worth a lot: WOMAN”, says part of the text with which he accompanied his publication that already accumulates more than 68 thousand ‘likes’.

Then he continued: “You cannot imagine how hard it is to be a woman, to fight with your hormones, with the day to day and with everything that comes with being that word to the world; Women are questioned, criticized and often undervalued, and even so, we always draw strength from where we don’t have to be and do everything we have to do”.

Elizabeth Loaiza
The model surprised her followers with a sensual photo. – Photo: @elizabethloaiza

Of course, the photo generated many reactions among her fans who commented: “Wow, absolute sensuality”; “simply divine”; “Beautiful and intelligent”; “thank you, we are warriors”; “Beautifull”; “an empowered woman”; “exemplary woman”; “beautiful and intelligent 😍”; “What a beautiful message, with women like you it is worth continuing to build the country and for all women to live.”

It should be remembered that Elizabeth had published a photo a few days ago talking about her process with biopolymers and wanted to compare it with Shakira’s song with Bizarrap.

“Shakira premiered the song, revealing the scar left by her lack of love. I released my cell phone and I took this photo to let you see the scar left by the removal of biopolymers from my tail, ”she wrote at the beginning of the post.

The businesswoman assured that all the pains had to be faced, leaving behind those bad decisions that were made in the past and that left an indelible mark on the reality of each one. In this space, Loaiza spoke about Piqué, pointing out that if Shakira was able to end him, all people would be able to put aside the things that hurt and hurt.

“Sometimes we have to deal with pain and scars from making bad decisions in our lives. But, you learn from everything and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Just as she was able to end Piqué, we must all put aside what hurts us and get strength from anywhere to end it! ”, She wrote in the caption of the photo.

The model also focused her words on the future of what is to come, stating that soon the singer will have a new love and things in her life will improve. Elizabeth Loaiza took advantage and revealed that her body will have a change, since she will have reconstruction of her buttocks next month.

“Soon Shakira will have a new love and I will have new buttocks, because I will have a reconstruction next month. The scars will never be erased, but they will remind us that we can handle everything and a little more,” she commented.