Ella Finally happy with the baby: pop star is pregnant

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From: Sarah Wolzen


Ella Endlich is pregnant. The 38-year-old pop singer shows her big baby ball on Instagram.

Berlin – baby news in the pop world. Ella Endlich (38) surprises her fans with sweet news: the pop singer is expecting her first child.

Pop singer Ella finally surprised with baby news

This post should have surprised many Schlager fans. On Friday evening, Ella Endlich reports to her more than 146,000 followers on Instagram with a new post. The 38-year-old poses smiling in front of the camera in a tight black dress. Not to be overlooked: her large baby ball.

“Sometimes everything feels like it comes at the right time and then – viewed from another perspective – it doesn’t. That’s why this incredibly great and now also quite visible happiness of being pregnant leads to some changes in plans,” says the singer.

Ella Endlich has to cancel the planned tour because of her pregnancy

Despite all the baby joys, there is still a small drop of bitterness for the fans of the hit star: because of her pregnancy, Ella Endlich will not be able to play her Sternschwimmer tour planned for 2023. “It remains my great passion to give concerts for you with my band or my father, and I hope to see you all again for the Endlich Weihnachts Tour in December at the latest,” she explains.

Ella Endlich is just a stage name

Already knew? Ella Endlich is just the stage name of the singer. The 38-year-old’s name is actually Jacqueline Zebisch. But Ella Endlich is not the only pop star who has renamed herself for the stage. Here you can find the stage names of the big hit stars and their real names

At the moment she wants to “take it easy and enjoy the special magic.” And immediately asks her fans for understanding: “I want to keep this magic as private as possible, as you will understand. However, one thing should be said: Marius and I…we are happy.”

Anna-Carina Woitschack also floats in total love happiness. Stefan Mross’s ex is finally showing her new friend on Instagram. Sources used: instagram.com/ella.endlich.official