Elon Musk denies allegations of sexual harassment

Austin (AP) – Tech billionaire Elon Musk has rejected an allegation of sexual harassment against him. “And, for the record, these wild allegations are absolutely untrue,” Musk wrote on Twitter on Friday night after previously complaining that he was the victim of a politically motivated campaign.

The website Business Insider reported that a flight attendant had accused Musk of sexual harassment and that his space company SpaceX had paid her $250,000 in a non-disclosure agreement in 2018.

“Business Insider” referred to a friend of those affected, saying that she herself did not want to comment on request. The girlfriend provided “Business Insider” with emails and other documents. According to the report, the flight attendant was assigned to SpaceX’s private jet fleet. She was encouraged to train as a masseuse.

During a massage on a flight to London in 2016, Musk stripped naked, touched the flight attendant and offered to buy her a horse if she “would do more,” the report said, citing a statement from the friend. Musk wrote on Twitter that he challenges the “liar” to describe even a detail like scars or tattoos that is not known to the public. “She won’t be able to because that never happened,” he wrote. Musk also claimed the girlfriend is a “far left activist/actress in Los Angeles.”