Elon Musk has been the owner of Twitter for just a day, but Bobby Pulido has already asked him for something

One of the most important (and controversial) projects in Elon Musk Now that its acquisition of Twitter has been finalized, it is freedom of expression. The billionaire has written (on Twitter obviously) that he hopes even his worst critics will stay on Twitter because “that’s what free speech means.”

Those words seem to point towards the restrictions of some accounts like donald trumpwho was removed from the social network for his controversial comments.

But beyond that discussion about democracy, in Mexico there are some celebrities who have taken advantage of the arrival of Elon to address him and have used Twitter as if it were a suggestion box.

It is the case of Bobby Pulido, the Mexican regional singer who is characterized by having an acid sense of humor and who shares it on the social network.

The interpreter of “El desvelado” does not have verification in his account (the blue dove, as it is colloquially known) because he lost it precisely because he often uses high-sounding words in his messages and also because he likes to respond to the controversies of his fans and detractors.

So now that Twitter has a new owner, Polished He did not want to miss the opportunity to write a petition for the billionaire. That he did in Spanish:

“Hello Elon Musk, can you return my verification to me please?”

His followers took the opportunity to remember that they removed his verification “for fighting” and echoed the request that his verification be returned.

“Just because you asked him in English and on your beerday, he’s going to give it to you,” one fan wrote.

Another follower advised him to open his petition on a platform to get signatures and that Elon Musk fulfill your wish.

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