Elon Musk: The richest person in the world does not own a house

Elon Musk (50) fills his life with his work alone, says the entrepreneur. He works whenever he can and in order to have the optimal capacity for this, the Paypal founder sold all his real estate two years ago and moved into a tiny house at his «Space X» spaceport.

But it seems that he has also sold this, because in his last Ted Talk, Musk says that he currently has no place of his own, but is staying in friends’ guest rooms. “When I travel to San Francisco, where most of the Tesla factories are, I sleep with other acquaintances in turn.”

The only luxury – a private jet

He also doesn’t take vacations and generally has low living costs, according to the entrepreneur, who is worth 260 billion francs and is therefore the richest person in the world. The only luxury he can afford is his private jet. But only to be able to work more efficiently, Musk continues: “If I didn’t have my own plane, I could work fewer hours.”

And work, the Tesla CEO has enough. A few days ago he made it public that he had submitted an offer to buy Twitter. With a tweet, of course. He offered a whopping 39 billion francs for it. Among other things, he wants to activate an editing function. The social media network should not belong to him alone, Musk assures. He wants to get as many shareholders on board as legally possible.

Small house and mattress with holes