Elon Musk wants to lift Donald Trump’s Twitter suspension and make the social network a total space for freedom of expression

Elon Musk is a pro-freedom of expression, and he does not hide it. In an announcement on Tuesday, May 10, the decision to ban Donald Trump is “morally wrong” and “insane”.

“I think that was a mistake, because it alienated a lot of the country and ultimately didn’t stop Donald Trump from being heard,” the SpaceX boss says at a conference organized by the FinancialTimes. However, the former president had announced that he would not return to Twitter if his ban was lifted. For the richest man in the world, permanent bans should be “extremely rare”, and reserved for fake accounts. He adds that: “It does not mean that anyone can say what they want, if they say something illegal or destructive for the world”. He would like temporary suspensions or have tweets “made invisible” or “with a very limited reach”.

The billionaire wanted to buy Twitter to make it a private company, not listed on the stock exchange, and he wants to make it a total space for freedom of expression. According to him, moderation flouts this right. “Twitter needs to be much more impartial. He currently has a strong left-wing bias as he is based in San Francisco,” Musk claimed on Tuesday. Conservatives accuse tech companies of bias and censorship, even though there is no proof of these allegations.


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Source- https://www.gqmagazine.fr/pop-culture/article/elon-musk-veut-lever-la-suspension-twitter-de-donald-trump-et-faire-du-reseau-social-un-espace-total-de-liberte-dexpression