Elsa Esnoult: this bad memory she keeps from Dancing with the Stars (ZAP TV)

This Friday, September 23, 2022, Elsa Esnoult was invited on the set of At Jordan’s on C8. The actress confided in her career in Dance with the stars and on the bad memories she has of this adventure.

Elsa Esnoult connects the different projects. The actress became known to the general public thanks to her role in the very famous series The mysteries of love. But recently, it is in a completely different register that her fans were able to discover her. And for good reason, she was on the show Traitors, a kind of giant werewolf in which several personalities confront each other and try to unmask “the traitors” who were none other than Clémence Castel, David Douillet and Just Riadh. And the latter were able to count on the unfailing support of Elsa Esnoult who was completely taken in by the other candidates and who believed hard in their innocence. A disappointment from which she took a long time to recover as she confided in front of the camera: “I feel betrayed by a force. It’s not possible, the two in whom I had so much confidence, to whom we promised so many things, in fact they are the traitors. It’s unreal, it’s the most beautiful twist of this adventure” she explained.

“At first it was hard”

A complicated experience for the actress mysteries of love. But it looks like it’s not the only one. Indeed, guest in the show At Jordan’s on C8 this Friday, September 23, 2022, Elsa Esnoult returned to another television adventure, her participation in Dance with the stars. And the least we can say is that she does not only have good memories of it: “It’s obvious that we work like hell every day but it’s the principle of the show, there is a jury and it has to be broken, that’s how it is. I arrived on this show being honest with everyone, i said i can’t dance, i’m not a dancer, i’ve never done a dance except at home in front of my mirror even though i always liked it. When we work like crazy and in one evening we break you, we give you “2”, you say to yourself ‘Damn, be a little nicer to me. At least encourage me!’ It’s more they broke me than they encouraged me. At first it was hard. Now, honestly, I had the public with me”. Even if she finished in third place in this tenth season, Elsa Esnoult remembers a criticism that marked her enormously: “You could tell me ‘Go learn to dance’. It was aggressive around the edges. Words she still hasn’t forgotten.

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/elsa-esnoult-ce-mauvais-souvenir-quelle-garde-de-danse-avec-les-stars-zap-tv-739050