Elsa Zylberstein separated from Antoine de Caunes, 15 years older than her: “I grew up with him”

Partners in the film The man is a woman like the others (1997), Elsa Zylberstein and Antoine de Caunes immediately fell in love with each other. At the time, Antoine de Caunes was 44, she was 29.”With him, who was fifteen years older than me, I went from a little girl to a woman. It’s the only time in my life that I’ve lived with a man. Antoine is an intense, cultured and profound being, who taught me uprightness and elegance. I grew up with him and I know that even today, wherever I am in the world, in times of need, he will always be there for me, “confided Elsa Zylberstein, to the casting of the film” With open arms “broadcast this April 21, 2022 on W9, at Paris Match.

In addition to finding love on the set, Antoine de Caunes won the César for best actor in 1999 for his role. In love, he will then entrust a central role to his companion in his film Mr N. in 2003. After almost ten years of happiness, the couple unfortunately decides to separate in 2005. Overwhelmed by grief, Elsa Zylberstein then finds love in the arms of Nicolas Bedos. With him, she manages to turn the page of her intense and strong story with Antoine de Caunes, from whom she thought she would never recover.

Nicolas is like my brother, I love him with love (…) This guy, after my breakup with Antoine de Caunes, reconnected me to life. With him, I lived the adolescence that I had not had before,“confided the actress to Paris Match. Subsequently, Elsa Zylberstein was in a relationship with producer Georges-Marc Benamou, writer Yann Moix and Arnaud Montebourg. For his part, Antoine de Caunes married the journalist Daphné Roulier in They have a son, Jules, born in August 2008. (He is also the father of Emma de Caunes, born from his first marriage, with Gaëlle Royer)

In 2022, the former lovers were able to meet during the Cesar ceremony. Host of the show, Antoine de Caunes had met his ex who came to award the prize for best first film. “We know each other…“, had launched the actor to his former love, “Yes we know each other…“, had then replied the actress, with a wide knowing smile on her lips.

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