Elvis Crespo and Limi-T 21 join forces to the rhythm of Tiburona | shows

As a meeting of friends and the possible prelude to new joint projects, Elvis Crespo and the members of Limi-T 21 described their meeting on the Tiburona theme.

Although collaborations in merengue are not so common, both Elvis and Javier Bermúdez, Elvin Torres and Ramiro Matos, try to keep alive the spirit of cooperation in the genre that they have performed for almost three decades.

Crespo recalled that in the beginning he did not perform together because of the influences he brought from Dominican artists.

“We had, perhaps, the ignorance of seeing the possibility of bringing together two figures, two audiences, two talents, two energies or three —because not only do they have to be two, they can be more— and the urban boys have made it part of their culture,” Elvis said.

In the case of Limi-T 21, they explained that the record companies limited the collaboration between artists, because they forced them to see themselves as competition.

“Now that we have a little bit of power from our races, all these kinds of things are happening. I always wanted to collaborate with Elvis Crespo or Gilberto Santa Rosa. I always wanted to collaborate with an artist, but many times it wasn’t because of the artist, but because of the permits, how complicated it was. There were not many things that could have happened”, added Torres.

Currently Elvis understands that “collaborations benefit the work.” “There has to be energy, chemistry. It can’t be something sticky like a stamp. It has to be something that flows organically and I realized that this happened when I worked with the guys on the Like theme. There was love at first ear”, Crespo stressed in statements to THE SPOKESPERSON.

That chemistry that Suavemente’s voice highlights can be seen in the Tiburona video, which premiered today on digital platforms, and whose single is part of Crespo’s 15th album, Multitudes.

“It is a video full of a lot of energy, a lot of sensuality, there is a lot of technology involved, new colors, it is a movie. I really am very happy with the final result of what is the total concept of Tiburona”, said Elvis about the video directed by Bobby Varela and filmed in Miami.

“When we started putting on the choirs, I looked at the boys and said that this was a super interesting mix of two things. I truly believe that it has been one of the recordings that we enjoyed the most”, Elvin expressed for his part.

This second meeting opens the possibility of a joint record between Limi-T 21 and Crespo. In addition, this Friday they will be presented in Orlando and the public will be able to enjoy their presentations in a single night. That concept, according to Crespo, will be presented at some point on the Island.

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