Emergency doctor at concert by Pietro Lombardi

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Of: Julia Hanigk

Pietro Lombardi just had to interrupt a concert and left the stage. The reason was an ambulance call. Luckily, buddy Oliver Pocher was able to step in on site.

Oberhausen – Pietro Lombardi (here all the news on the topic page) is currently on tour through Germany. At his concert in Oberhausen he received prominent support from Oliver Pocher. He even had to go on stage unplanned, because Lombardi interrupted his show for an emergency doctor.

SurnamePietro Lombardi
Known byDSDS victory 2011
BornJune 9, 1992
childrenAlessio Lombardi-Engels

Pietro Lombardi interrupts his concert because of an emergency doctor’s call

Buddy Olli Pocher accompanied Pietro Lombardi to his concert in Oberhausen, and the Pochers recently moved out of Lombardi’s house. Now Pocher did him a friendly service and took over the stage when the musician suddenly interrupted his show.

“Several people have now asked why I interrupted the show for 20 minutes today. And there was a little boy in the front row, I think he was twelve years old. And he had circulatory problems and then fell over and became unconscious,” said Pietro Lombardi in his Instagram story.

Emergency doctor at concert by Pietro Lombardi
Pietro Lombardi interrupted his concert because of a paramedic’s mission. © Screenshot Instagram/pietrolombardi (2); /oliverpocher

Emergency doctor at Pietro Lombardi concert: “Sure, stop the show for now” – Olli Pocher jumps in

“It was very clear to me that I would stop the show and go with the little one to see if the little one was doing well,” Pietro Lombardi explains why he left the stage.

The singer explains his decision as follows: “I’m a dad myself and I think I know that it’s of course the most beautiful thing to be on stage. But I can never spread a good mood when a child is not well.” That’s why he went with the arriving paramedics. But the child is fine, and the two even made an appointment for a FaceTime call the next day.

Oliver Pocher took over the stage and sang with fans

Lombardi also thanks Pocher again: “Thanks to Olli too. What a coincidence that Olli was there today. He then took over the show and everything ended peacefully and healthy,” said the 29-year-old, relieved.

It was a matter of honor for him: Fans published videos in which Oliver Pocher quickly started a song on stage with two girls from the audience. “I was very happy to ‘help’ in the difficult situation, of course,” writes the comedian on Instagram.

“Sick”: Pietro Lombardi really angry because of petrol prices shortly before the concert in Frankfurt

While Pietro Lombardi is on tour, the singer drives through some cities in Germany. One thing pisses him off on the way: the gas prices. Shortly before his concert in Frankfurt, Lombardi got really angry about it.

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