Emigration! “Have Nothing to Lose”

“My child, your child” star Virginia Weiß, 36, and her husband Andrew have big plans: they want to emigrate! In an interview with OKmag.de, the mother of five now revealed exciting details!

  • “My child, your child” star Virginia Weiß revealed a few months ago that she will emigrate with her family
  • So far, the mother of five has not wanted to reveal where it is going
  • Now she revealed some details about emigration in an interview with OKmag.de

“My child, your child” -Virginia Weiß: Emigration plans are becoming concrete

Virginia Weiß and her family gained a lot of notoriety some time ago through their participation in “My Child, Your Child”. at the VOX show flickers the White family still regularly in the afternoon across the television screens. In addition to the 36-year-old, the popular family also includes dad Andrew, sons Daymian Jasper and Maddox Brooklyn-Sky, daughter Peaches-Malou, baby Aspyn-Keywest and, since April, baby Lyland-Sawyer.

When it comes to Virginia Weiß and her husband, family planning is far from over. A few months ago, the likeable “My Child, Your Child” actress revealed that she and her loved one would like to have another baby. But these are by no means all of the couple’s plans for the future – on the contrary: a big change is imminent, because the mother of five will emigrate with her family.

Virginia Weiß on emigration: “Have nothing to lose”

As Virginia Weiß now revealed to OKmag.de, going on vacation in April – in the country in which they would like to live in the future. The 36-year-old has not yet revealed exactly where the family is going. So far she has only announced the fact that she and her children are going to be warm, but she has now revealed how concrete the plans are now, because the Preparations are in full swing.

Otherwise we are doing very well. We are absolutely excited, we plan every day (…) All five children, all dogs are coming with us (…) We hope to have a lot of fun, a lot of time. (…) We have nothing to lose.

Currently, a real estate agent is looking for a new home for Virginia Weiß and her family in her new home and schools for her children have already found the “My child, your child” actress. While in their new home continue as an influencer will work, her husband Andrew will take a break from his job as a police officer.

Despite their emigration, the TV celebrities don’t want to completely give up their safe home in Germany:We keep the house. Just because of the security. We keep everything here because you never know what might happen. Maybe we don’t like it there, maybe we’ll come back after a year, maybe after two years. We have our house here, we can still go on vacation here and we would be pretty stupid if we gave all that up,” so the mother of five.

Will the VOX stars be accompanied by TV cameras when they emigrate? After all, the broadcaster is also known for its documentary “Goodbye Germany”, in which we may soon see Virginia Weiß and her family. We keep our fingers crossed for the big plans and are curious to see where the “My child, your child” stars will end up going.

“My child, your child” you can also at any time RTL+ look at.

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