Emilie and Frédérick (Married at first sight): Big argument off camera, “a point of no return”

Emily (34-year-old real estate negotiator) and Frederick (40-year-old real estate agent) said “yes” to their loved ones. If at the start, the mother of Lina (1 year old) was uncomfortable with her dad, she quickly relaxed after learning that he was validating her husband. During the episode of Married at first sight 2022 May 16, the newlyweds found themselves together, a great first for the beautiful brunette who had never separated from her wonder until then.

Direction the room for their honeymoon and after getting comfortable, they gently bickered over the side of the bed. Both prefer to sleep on the right side but gentleman, Frédérick has agreed to give up his place. The next day, heading to Prague, in the Czech Republic, for the honeymoon. The newlywed was expecting more complicity, envy, games of seduction and the romantic setting could help them. On the menu: rose petals, champagne and beautiful declarations.

It was not in great shape that Frédérick woke up. He had a sore throat and coughed most of the night. But he was able to count on his wife to take care of him. It is therefore in a good mood that he started the day despite the fatigue. They treated themselves to a massage sessionthe opportunity for Amber’s dad to joke: “I see a piece of your breast.“They then shared a glass of champagne in a swimming pool and FINALLY exchanged their first kiss.

For their last evening, they went to the restaurant. The opportunity for Emilie to share her feelings with Frédérick and her sadness at leaving him for a while. The candidate therefore also opened his heart and rejoiced that she gave him a family. He reassured her that he would be there for Lina.

But once alone, away from the cameras, an argument broke out. Before sleeping, the handsome half-breed got up to do a dance “funny“. His wife then asked him if he was like that all the time, a question that Frédérick took badly. So they both lost their temper.”I’m really pissed off. It is a point of no return. I want to stop“, confided Emilie.

Source- https://www.purepeople.com/article/emilie-et-frederick-maries-au-premier-regard-grosse-dispute-hors-camera-un-point-de-non-retour_a490108/1