Emilie (Married at first sight) “destroyed”: +20kg during filming, her painful confidences

This Monday, March 28, M6 will broadcast the second episode of Married at first sight 2022 . A program during which the public will have the pleasure of getting to knowEmily, a pretty 34-year-old mother. The day before the broadcast, the young woman made painful confidences in an Instagram story.

Like Alicia, Emilie’s personal story is sure to touch viewers. The wealth management advisor lived an idyll for two years with the father of her daughter Lina. But, when she was four months pregnant, he left her overnight, after they learned that their child could be carrying a disease. An emotional shock for the beautiful brunette who therefore had to face the end of her pregnancy alone. Five months after the birth of Lina, who is fortunately in perfect health, Emilie participated in Married at first sight, despite the fears of expert Estelle Dossin. If at the time it was better, she confessed to her community that she was still not in top shape.

I saw the episodes ahead of Salto and it’s really hard for me to go through all that again because I was 20 kilos heavier. During my pregnancy I had taken 25 kilos and it is not the fact of having kilos in itself that bothers me, it is because these are kilos that I took in pain. I was devastated. So it’s a real exercise for me to relive all that. It worries me a little because it’s a period of my life when I was in reconstruction”confided Emilie to her community.

Today, the young mother no longer has her extra pounds. It remains to be seen if she found love thanks to Married at first sight. As revealed Entertainment TV, the experts found her a person compatible with her at 84%. This is Frédérick, a 40-year-old real estate agent. He too has not had it easy since his daughter does not speak or walk. Her epileptic seizures require her to move to a specialized institute located abroad.

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