Emilio Osorio assured that Karol Sevilla will continue to have an important place in his life after ending their dating relationship | Famous

“We just cut, but hey, these are stages of life, we are happy.”

The singer of ‘Dime Dime’ showed that the breakup took place on good terms, as she called Emilio Osorio her “best friend” and the “love of my life”.

Emilio Osorio spoke about his breakup with Karol Sevilla: he expressed himself positively about his ex

For example, when asked what he thought Karol Sevilla called him the love of his life, Emilio Osorio replied “it’s an honor”, he gave her several compliments and agreed on the place she has in his life:

“A lady like Karol and a girl so respectful, so talented, so admirable, a person who has dedicated her whole life to her career and, after all, that is why she has gotten to where she is… it is for It was a pleasure for me to have been with her and the fact that today we can continue our relationship as soulmates.”

In that sense, he also added that the star of ‘Soy Luna’:

“He is and will be a very important person for me for my whole life.”

He even reported that in that important concert for his artistic career, he would perform a song he wrote with his ex-girlfriend and that he would be “dedicated to her”.

On the possibility of resuming his relationship with Karol Sevilla, Emilio Osorio limited himself to ensuring:

“If I tell you what I’m going to do in 10 years, I’m going to be wrong.”

Why did Emilio Osorio and Karol Sevilla end up?

Beyond the positive statements that each of the interpreters has given about their breakup, both have refused to reveal what distanced them.

When questioned about his reasons, for example, Emilio Osorio replied:

“As gentlemen, I do not answer that.”

Of course, in a more subtle way, he ruled out that there was a third person in discord or that he has a new romance at the door:

“At 19, making a drama of cutting (a relationship) and suddenly (having) a girlfriend and that’s not my style.”