Emily, a former Challenge participant, suffered a motorcycle accident and has fractures

The participant was in the eye of the hurricane during her time on the program after ‘Valkyria’, ventilated that she had been unfaithful to her partner with ‘Ceta’although Emily herself was in charge of denying that version even though the images said otherwise.

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The contestant now made headlines due to a traffic accident that she suffered during the festive bridge of Reyes in the department of Putumayo and for which she had to be taken to a clinic to be treated.

Emily, a former Challenge participant, suffered a motorcycle accident and has several fractures

Already in the ‘Valkyria’ program, he had sent Emily to the hospital after a crash during a test, and now, The Amazonian ex-participant had to be urgently admitted to a hospital in Puerto Asísafter he crashed on a motorcycle on which he was riding as a grill.

The vehicle in which Emily was traveling crashed head-on into another motorcycle that came without lights; As a result of the impact, he suffered several fractures to his face and swelling in his brain.as specified by the same young woman in a video shared by the La Red program on her Instagram account:

The tests performed ruled out a stroke.so he is waiting for the inflammation to go down before entering surgery.

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Emily herself confessed: “For seconds I thought I was going to die.” He also said that after the impact he only remembers screaming, but from that moment he doesn’t remember much else.

She added that she is very afraid and that this has led her to not wanting to see yourself in a mirror so you don’t know how it turned out, to finally ask her fans to pray for her in this difficult time she is going through.