Emily Ratajkowski shares her photos as a teenager

    Accustomed to seeing our ‘celebs’ in heart-stopping ‘outfits’, posing in bikinis and even showing off their family; we find it strange to remember that they all have had a past that they had hidden in the trunk of memories (as Karina said). Thus, the catwalk model, Emily Ratajkowski (EmRata for his followers) has shared a series of photos in which it appears very changed but in which we can see its most natural and adolescent version. We are on the ground with the snapshots!

    Yes it is true that we love them poses (incredible, by the way) of ‘celebs’ like Emily or some of her ‘influencers’ friends like Kylie Jenner either hailey bieber; but if we have to stay with any of the content that all of them have shared throughout their career as ‘celebrities’, it would undoubtedly be with the before and after. In this way, it is inevitable that we do not think about the change (at least in ‘looks’) of Emily in the publications that we bring you. Attention, she was ideal!

    To the rhythm of the song ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ by the group Wheatus, Emily Ratajkowski has opened her photo album in her teenage years with two amazing photos in which he appears with a group of friends pointing out manners, because he was incredible. In the first photo, Em is sitting on the floor with a very characteristic ‘outfit’: brown ‘jeans’ and a striped shirt, which he has combined with red boots (with ‘XXL’ heels). Best of all is the blue bracelet that has reminded us of our disco nights. More natural impossible!

    On the other hand, in the second photo, all his group of friends appear in a very funny and the ‘celeb’ herself signs up with another ‘look’ as glorious as the previous one. It is a flower print dress and a V-neckline, with a fine jacket (surely her mother gave it to her with the typical phrase: ‘take it with you in case it cools down’). If we have to talk about the change that she has given in recent years, obviously we can only look at the change in style of ‘outfits’ and hair care, because it is identical (we leave you a current photo for you to compare). Give us your secret!

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