Emily Ratajkowski: supposedly in a relationship with Pete Davidson, she kisses another man in the middle of the street

Emily Ratajkowski was spotted kissing Jack Greer on December 21. Following her divorce and her supposed relationship with Pete Davidson, has the young woman found love again?

Is Emily Ratajkowski no longer a heart to take? In September 2022, the young woman formalized his divorce with Sebastian Bear-McClard after rumors of her husband’s infidelity surfaced. Subsequently, it was alongside Pete Davidson, who shared the life of Kim Kardashian, that she was seen. Both attended a basketball game and they were very close. However, it seems that their story is already over. As revealed by The Mirror, the model has recently spotted with Jack Greer, in front of his apartment in New York. The tabloid explains that the photographer and the model met for a date that ended with a walk in the streets. Both were very relaxed and smiling and, to conclude this evening, they exchanged a long kiss. This one was captured by the paparazzi present around and quickly shared on social networks and in the media. Has Emily Ratajkowski found love again? A few hours earlier, she had shared a video on her Tiktok account in which she indicated her desire to “dating multiple boys, women too“, she said. Single, the young woman is enjoying her life to the full.

The private life of Emily Ratajkowski is of great interest and it is sometimes the main concerned who mentions it. This Thursday, December 22, it’s in a podcast called High Low that she made some confidences. “I joined a dating site“, she first revealed before adding: “I took the leap for the first time between the period of my divorce and the beginning of my relationship with Pete Davidson“. The young woman recognizes, however, that she did not think she would find love online. “I said to myself, “and then shit”. I felt defiant because a lot of people told me not to“, she had fun before specifying: “I feel like this app is a bit white. It’s very white and it looks like a very particular man and a very particular type of woman, so I don’t think I’m going to meet my crush here“. It was at the beginning of November that rumors of a possible couple emerged. Both had been seen in the borough of Brooklyn, hand in hand. The year before, she had affirmed the “find attractive, like all women. He is super charming and vulnerable“. Was this relationship ultimately only short-lived? Did Emily Ratajkowski find love again in the arms of Jack Greer?

Emily Ratajkowski: has she ever mentioned her divorce?

The divorce between Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bearc-McClard has caused a lot of talk over the months. The young woman filed for divorce last August, after learning that her husband had been unfaithful to her on several occasions. On October 20, it was in the columns of Harper’s Bazaar that she confided. “I feel all the emotions“, she had first explained before adding: “I feel anger, sadness. I feel excitement. I feel joy. I feel lightness. Every day is different“. Subsequently, she had specified that she wanted “enjoying your single life” also adding that she had “go to several appointments“. If the young woman takes time for herself, Emily Ratajkowksi does not forget her priority, her son Sylvester. “Number one is Sly and that’s it“, she had concluded. Today, everything seems to be going better for the model, who wishes to move forward and forget her divorce.

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