Emma D’Arcy (House of the Dragon) is she in a relationship?

Emma D’Arcy, who plays the central character of the “Game of Thrones” prequel series, “House of the Dragon” is completely discreet, mainly on social networks and her private life.

The British actress chosen to play Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen is not a follower of social life and red carpets. It would even be quite the opposite for Emma D’Arcy, who does not share her daily life on her Instagram account and is hardly active on Twitter. However, some information has managed to leak about his personal life.

Emma D’Arcy defines herself as non-binary

The few information circulating about the actress is in particular that it is defined as being non-binarywhich makes his arrival in the series and his central role an event for “House of the Dragon”. In a post published on her Instagram account in 2020, she had indicated in the caption to be “someone’s boyfriend”. From there to know if this someone is always the lucky or happy chosen one, difficult to determine it. The comments showed several fans “fighting” to know who had the chance to share the life of the actress. A real success! If we do not know more, we can however note that Thomas May Bailey’s Instagram account shows several photos of the actress, just as Emma D’Arcy posted a picture of the two of them…it looks like they’re both spending a lot of time together. Can we draw conclusions from this? It is too early to tell.

His debut is quite recent on the screens, with in particular a remarkable role in the comic series, Truth Seekers released on Amazon Prime in 2020. She also toured in the series Hana and Wanderlust. On the big screen, his notable appearances have been in misbehavior in 2020 and mothering sunday in 2021. But with this title role in House of the Dragonit’s a safe bet that we will witness its consecration.