Emma de Caunes has left Paris: secrets about her new life in the process of “memerization”

At 45, Emma of Caunes leads a discreet career in show business, she who was Caesarized in 1998 as best female hope. She returns with a director’s cap on the small screen for the mini-series Nine Guys, which echoes Nine chicks where his daughter Nina played. Asked by Releaseshe took stock of her current life.

Like a Stéphane Bern party to go green in the Perche or a Julien Doré installed in the Cévennes, Emma de Caunes revealed to the newspaper that she also left Paris to live in the provinces. “For two yearsCarver’s reader lives in Trouville, an exile à la Duras that she mocks by detaching the syllables of the place, Trou-ville. The capital distance makes her the salty boot, the unsheathed draw and the happy mien“, writes the daily in its edition of Monday, March 21.

Far from the capital and its worldliness, the actress and director takes advantage, for example, of the proximity to the beach to lead a quiet, almost lambda life. Moreover, while she is in promotion for her series, she could be talked about and give herself visibility but it is not the kind of house. The ego, the need to put oneself forward, very little for her; his Caesar even lies hidden in a storage unit! “Complying with the Instagram promo therefore seems ridiculous, detailing his morning walks on the low-water line with his black Labrador, ditto“, adds the newspaper.

Emma de Caunes, married to Jamie Hewlett (the designer of the virtual group Gorillaz), readily claims to have always had a small side erased. “I was quickly pigeonholed, but at 25 I was a mother, I no longer wanted to play the party girl“, she says frankly. Her daughter, Nina, was born from her past history with Sinclair. Cash, the daughter of Antoine de Caunes even enjoys being in the process of “memorization“!

Find the series Nine Guys (with Philippe Katerine, Yannick Renier…), on Canal +, from Monday March 21, 2022.

Source- https://www.purepeople.com/article/emma-de-caunes-a-quitte-paris-confidences-sur-sa-nouvelle-vie-en-voie-de-memerisation_a482203/1