Emma de Caunes: this little very cash sentence on Volodymyr Zelenski which says a lot about his opinion

In an interview with our colleagues from Liberation, Emma de Caunes returned to the conflict in Ukraine. The opportunity to give his very cash opinion on the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenski.

For the first time, Emma de Caunes went behind the camera to Nine chicksa TV movie broadcast on Canal+, in February 2021. This time, she returns with nine guys and its nine ten-minute episodes. The director has thus surrounded herself with a beautiful cast with Thomas VDB, Baptiste Lecaplain and even Philippe Katerine. On this occasion, she gave an interview to our colleagues from Release. Ihe daughter of Antoine de Caunes then reacted to the conflict in Ukraineby pronouncing a rather cash sentence about Volodymyr Zelenski, the Ukrainian president: “in any case, he has a huge pair of cojones“, she launches.

A clear opinion on the war in Ukraine. Emma de Caunes is well known for not having her tongue in her pocket. Thus, she returned to her move, she who left Paris to live in the Provinces: “For two years, the reader of Carver has lived in Trouville, an exile in the Duras that she makes fun of by detaching the syllables from the place, Trou-ville. “, can we read in the daily newspaper. Far from the capital, she can now enjoy her quiet life. “Bending to the Instagram promo therefore seems ridiculous, detailing his morning walks on the low-water line with his black Labrador, ditto”.

Emma de Caunes: “I no longer wanted to play party girls”

A new way of seeing life for Emma de Caunes who therefore enjoys a peaceful life, in the company of her husband Jamie Hewlett and her daughter, born from a previous relationship with Sinclair: “I was quickly cataloged, but at 25 I was a mother, I no longer wanted to play the party girl”. The daughter of Antoine de Caunes is therefore amused to see her life change completely and even assumes that she is in the process of “memerization”.


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