Emmanuel Macron and Élisabeth Borne angry: the ministers “received a good shot of pressure”

After the traditional back-to-school breakfast at Place Beauvau, it was at the Élysée that the government met in its entirety – i.e. forty-two ministers – for the 1st Council of Ministers of the year 2023. And if a few minutes earlier, the atmosphere was good-natured, Gerald Darmanin even offering a box of Tourcoing chocolates to everyone, it was not the same story that awaited the ministers facing Élisabeth Borne and Emmanuel Macronreported The Parisian this Wednesday, January 4.

The reason ? The beginning of the year promises to be busy with the reform of unemployment insurance and that of pensionsthe “immigration” bill, inflation to be contained… These important themes were mentioned by the head of government, Élisabeth Borne, when addressing the government’s wishes to the President of the Republic. “I wouldn’t say they dampened our morale. But we got a good push…”said a minister leaving the council.

“The year will be difficult”

After the prime minister, it was the Head of State himself who took the floor. And there too, he did not spare his ministers. According to one of them, who confided in the daily newspaper, “it was very long… and very dark too”but he also saw that “the spirit was still meant to be combative”. Emmanuel Macron has recognized that “the year will be difficult”but he asked his people to respond to those who say that the government does not move a finger to help the French who are experiencing difficulties.

Be bold in the policy you wear. We must not give in to a kind of fascination for misfortune, pessimism, fatality, the crises that follow the crises that some can foresee”he declared in a fiery tone, before fuming: “Put yourself on the side of people, stop reasoning in averages!”in connection with some ministers who defend their record with statistics. Olivier Veran, the government spokesperson, confirmed these remarks at a press conference a little later. As Elisabeth Borne summarized, “you have to hold on, resist the headwinds”. All that remains is to embark on the bath of reforms.

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